What you will learn

Let's take on your next garden project. Whether buying a new home, creating new beds or adding an outdoor living space, our “Planning Before You Plant” course will give you expert advice to assist you in realizing your project goals.

  • Learn design, plant and care tips that will save you time, money and stress.

  • Develop your own Essential Garden Project Planner to see your project from Dream to Enjoyment.

  • Learn about the design process and begin creating a garden that fits your lifestyle, not someone else's.

  • Get Design and garden theory not just how to plant one type of garden. Become a more confident gardener no matter the project.

  • Video Lessons

    Professional videos offer both instruction and guidance as you plan your garden project

  • Step by Step Exercises

    Step by step guidance and exercises will lead you through your garden project planning process.

  • Expert Instructor

    Online courses are taught by our lead garden designer and the same instructor as our in-person seminars and workshops.


Lead Garden Designer

Joanne Young

With 30 years of garden consulting and design experience and over 500 hours of garden education experience, Mori Gardens’ Lead Garden Designer Joanne Young has a passion for gardening, nature, and assisting others in having their dream gardens become a “growing” reality. Designing over 2,000 landscapes of all sizes, for both commercial and residential properties, she loves to see both experienced and novice gardeners get excited about plants and start to see the possibilities that lie undiscovered in their own yards. Joanne is currently serving her fourth year as President of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Horticultural Society.
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Planning Before You Plant

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Setting Your Garden Project Goal

  • 2

    Stage 1: Dreaming

    • Stage 1: Dreaming

    • Planning For Your Priorities

    • Planning For Appeal

    • Planning For Outdoor Living

    • Planning Your Plants & Gardens

    • Exercise: Your Style & Wishlist

    • Adding Value To Your Home

  • 3

    Stage 2a: Note & Measure

    • Stage 2a: Pulling Your Ideas Together

    • Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

    • Exercise: Taking Note

    • Exercise: Measuring

    • Example Bubble Diagram

  • 4

    Stage 2b: Design & Plan

    • Stage 2: Getting Ready For Your Design

    • Designing Your Garden

    • Planning For Growth

    • Exercise: Quick Draft Design

    • Creating A Budget

    • Exercise: Garden Budget

    • Stage 2: Time To Design

    • Example Designing Your Garden

  • 5

    Stage 3: Planting & Building

    • Step 1: Starting From The Ground Up

    • Exercise: Starting From The Ground Up

    • Step 2: Planting By Priority

    • Exercise: Planting By Priority

    • Planting With A Budget & A Timeline

    • Step 3: Adding Accents & Finishes

    • Exercise: Adding Accents & Finishes

    • Step 3: Leaving Room For Growth

    • Asking For Assistance

    • Exercise: Who Can Assist?

    • Example Planting & Buidling

  • 6

    Stage 4: Enjoying & Maintaining

    • Stage 4: Maintaining Your Garden

    • Garden Care & Maintenance

    • Stage 4: Changing Things Up

  • 7

    Your Next Steps

What People Are Saying About Joanne

Joanne, Designer and Workshop Instructor, is extremely creative and knowledgeable. She makes the learning fun and takes the time to help you with your garden challenge(s). Well done Mori's!

The 4-week landscape design class has improved my gardening/landscaping technique immensely. I have had so much enjoyment transforming my backyard into a relaxing, visually tantalizing oasis ...

Joanne who did a fantastic job. It was a pleasure to meet with her on the lovely design she did for me. I totally depended on her as I'm not informative on all plants. Look forward to the purchase of the plants and trees from you when we arrange with the landscaper. Thank you again.

Joanne has a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful sense of humour. Great seminars!

I love their Saturday morning seminars! very very informative and helpful! I hold great trust in their products and information

Mori's 4-week design class and weekend lectures are FABULOUS! I learned so much. Truly appreciate the consultations with Joanne to help guide me along with my landscaping projects. We have many fantastic garden centres throughout our Niagara region and Mori's unique selections definitely stands out as one of the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should you expect from this course

    Planning Before You Plan is the perfect place to start before taking on a garden project with video information and instruction as well as interactive exercises to create your own project planner. Plan the steps from dreaming to maintenance and avoid expensive mistakes in the process. If you are thinking of having a garden design or working with a landscaper, this course is a wonderful way to learn about how a designer and plant expert can assist you, as well as who can assist your goals.

  • More in-depth garden and design courses offered?

    Looking to learn more about design, plants and gardening techniques. Sign up to Mori Gardens e-newsletter for the launch of our course on Garden Design, Sun/Shade Gardening, Garden Care, and Container Gardening. You can also find our seminar videos on the Advice page at MoriGardens.com

  • What you shouldn't expect from this course

    This course is not a colour by numbers way to make one type of garden. You will get real advice and concepts to use on your own project or to see other garden projects in a new light.

  • Requesting a Design, Site Visit or Garden Coaching

    Garden Designs & Garden Coaching Consultations are available in the Niagara Area (in-person) and across Canada (remote) for residential and commercial properties. Professional to-scale designs will give you a detailed plan to follow, taking into account your needs and lifestyle. Learn more with the Design tab at www.MoriGardens.com

  • Designing across Canada and the US.

    Outside of the Niagara area? Using remote video conferencing, you will receive a one-on-one consultation anywhere in Canada. Plan your garden design or ask unique questions pertaining to your property. More information can be found in the Design tab at www.MoriGardens.com

  • Can Joanne Visit My Garden?

    Yes! Using our remote video service we can give unique garden information in your own backyard. Whether taking on a project, dealing with an inherited garden, or learning about care and maintenance, we are happy to schedule a one-on-one consultation to give you the information you require. Email [email protected] for more information.